Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello! Hi! Hi ya! Hey there! Hey Y'All! Yo! Hey!

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy that you stopped by to peek inside my little world. You may be wondering what my focus is going to be and I believe that my "name" says it all. My plan is to cover:

  • Gratitude - the things that I am thankful for and the blessings in my life.
  • Grace - God's grace and my own. How I treat others, how I respond to news stories, the words I think about myself, etc. How can I extend grace to all people? Matthew 25:40-45 speaks to me in many ways. What can I do to help the least of these?
  • Growth - Not only in my relationship with Christ, but also in my relationship with others, personal growth, parenting, and in my business.

This may shock you, but I am an extreme introvert. Put me in a new situation and I tend to clam up. Yet I have this desire to share. I have this urge to get all the thoughts that are rattling around in my head written down. So here I am. 

In this place I will share my thoughts. I will share snippets of my life. I will be genuine. I will be honest. It will not always be pretty, but it's life and life isn't always pretty.

Feel free to check out the "About me" tab up top to learn a little bit more about me. 

Have a wonderful day! 

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