Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When I am alone, give me Jesus

Do you ever wake up in the morning and a song is immediately playing in your head? To be honest, this happens to me frequently.

Yesterday the song I woke up to was Give Me Jesus by Jeremy Camp.

Initially it was the lyrics "in the morning when I rise give me Jesus' that I couldn't get enough of. The entire time I was reading my morning devotional, I would find myself reciting those lyrics.

Once I was up and moving, I decided that I needed to hear the full song and immediately opened my Spotify player. It's been on repeat ever since.

I've moved on from that initial lyric though. Now my heart, and mind, are on 'when I am alone, give me Jesus'.

There are many days that I feel alone. I am missing conversation and community. I would love to go to ECFE classes, the library, the zoo, and whatever other place is a must for stay at home moms to visit. Yet that isn't possible. This is one of the things that I have been struggling with the last couple of years, as we are a single vehicle family.

Another reason that I feel alone is because my circle of close friends is quite small. I have numerous acquaintances, but we don't truly know each other. It's all Facebook and Instagram likes, nothing of deep discussion. They are also all over the US, so I can't exactly pop into their house for a visit (or vice versa).

What I need to remember is that this is just a season that I am in. Before I know it all of my kids will be attending school and my home will be quiet during the day. One day we will have a second vehicle again, this is just a season.

I also need to remember that I am never truly alone. While I may be missing the conversation and connection that another adult can bring, God is always with me. He is there guiding me through my day and putting songs or verses in my mind to let me know that.

You can have all this world, just give me Jesus.

Do you struggle with feeling alone? What do you do to combat that?


  1. Courageous (Casting Crowns) is my song. As for loneliness, that's why I spend so much time online. There aren't many things to do in my town, especially when you have anxiety, depression and a 3yo.

    1. I cannot believe that she is about to turn 3!

      Courageous is a great song. I really resonate with these lyrics: "In the war of the mind I will make my stand".